Global Volunteer is an opportunity for a young person to develop leadership qualities and practical skills by living a cross‐cultural volunteer experience impacting other societies. It usually lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months.

Why volunteer?

  • Cross-Cultural Environment

    Be a local in an unknown environment and experience new cultures by working in a diverse and cross-cultural team. Step out of your box and broaden your horizon, becoming a citizen of the World!

  • Volunteer Experience

    Volunteer abroad in NGOs or on projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals* Tackle pressing global issues to create positive impact in local societies. Don’t just travel. Develop the world.

  • Develop Yourself

    Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing. An intense cross-cultural environment allows you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, improve communication skills and develop a global mindset. Become the best version of yourself!


These are ou 4 main projects involvement. In addition to that, if you search in our platform you will find many others and their own suistainble developement goal contribution.


Our projects in education include teaching languages such as English to kids in different schools depending on the level required. Education can also be specific and could be similar to your own study degree.

Climate Change

Calculate and improve climate change variables or Implement new building strategies to help make the houses it builds more resilient to weather events and natural disasters exacerbated by climate change and many other projects. For example, volunteers help rebuild homes destroyed by natural disasters.

Marketing & Sales

In Marketing and Sales you can find opportunities to gain practical experience around the world with both large and small companies. Online marketing coordinator, market researcher and analyst or business development executive are just examples of the placements we offer.


Help NGOs or Startups improve their financials systems, fundraise and build long-term financial sustainability.


These are the most prefered destinations for volunteering by our past exchange participants. Nevertheless we have projects for you in more than 120 countries.


Once you show interest, you apply for Global Volunteer product through the sign up form below.

Sit for an interview with our overseas Project Managers. Show them why you care, ask them questions .

Attend and official Outgoing Preparatory Seminar. Pack your bags, open your mind and get ready to challenge yourself to be uncomfortable.


Login to and filter search results to find the opportunities based on the issue you are passionate about and apply proactively!

Once you get approved to an opportunity, we can start the process of putting things together for your internship experience.



Browsing through our internships in our Opportunities Portal is free of charge. Once a match has been made between the exchange participant and the internship, all programs require a 2500Dkk fee. Out of this fee, 500 Dkk function as a deposit and are refundable by the end of the internship.

2500 DKK


- In-country orientation and support

- Pre-departure cultural preparation

- Accommodation

- in finding your project

- Assistance in preparing necessary documents

- Leadership certificate

Not Included

- Visa fee (if needed)

- Insurance and vaccines

- Flight tickets


What support do I get from AIESEC??
Can I choose my intership freely?
How about my visa, flight tickets and insurance?
What does the price includes?
What support do I get from AIESEC?
  • Access to internship database
  • Support in the cultural preparation for the internship
  • Logistical support for obtaining visa and insurance
  • AIESEC representative from both sides – sending entity (Denmark) and hosting entity (country of your destination), who will guide and assist you throughout the duration of your internship
  • Reception activities and social integration into the organization in hosting country
  • AIESEC leadership certificate.
Can I choose my internship freely?
AIESEC is present in 125 countries, and you are free to choose which destination suits you best. For Global Volunteer, you can virtually explore any part of the world. Your local office might have some specific project or country recommendations from which you can choose from, so be sure to consult on what could be the best option for you.
How about my visa, flight tickets and insurance?
Flight ticket – participants are responsible for obtaining tickets to their destination. Tickets vary and prices increase the closer to departure you are. Insurance – it is mandatory for the intern to have insurance during his or her stay. Participants are responsible for obtaining this insurance.Visa – AIESEC will support the participant in applying for the correct visa. Participants must pay for visa expenses though, and are the final responsible for obtaining the document.
What does the price includes?

Price is 2500DKK(500DKK Refundable)

  • In-country orientation and support
  • Pre-departure cultural preparation
  • Accommodation
  • Assistance in finding your project
  • Assistance in preparing necessary documents
  • Leadership certificate
Not Included
  • Visa fee (if needed)
  • Insurance and vaccines
  • Flight tickets

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